munchman sees the retooled BODY OF PROOF


…And lemme tell you, there’s a reason the first, return episode after a cast and attitude change had the worst ratings of its run.

The good:

  • Dialog is still funny, fluffy, and cute
  • Dana Delany does almost as good a Gibbs as Mark Harmon

The bad:

  • Everything else

What? “Everything?” Really? Is that actually what I mean? Well, let’s put it this way: Stars Dana and Whatshername Who Was 6 of 9 or 7 of 9 on ST:Voyager, whatever, are still the only people on the show who can, ahem, act. And that the show succumbing to the current Serial Killer Fever craze, where all the baddies have to be mass murderers because the idiots in charge don’t think we’ll care about nabbing jerks who just bump off one or two poor souls, actually made me gag. C’mon, ABC, let the writers give us something we can’t see done better elsewhere – everywhere. Please?

munchman’s advice:

  • The U.S. audience pretty much has refused to watch this turd, for which I commend my fellow Americans and say with total conviction, “Keep it up. Keep it up. If we ignore it real hard maybe it’ll be replaced by…oh crap, the replacement will probably be yet another serial killer of the week show, won’t it? Crap. We’re doomed.