munchman: NBC Pulls ANIMAL PRACTICE Off the Air

…Just when I was almost psyched up enough to make myself watch an episode.

Yep, NBC has cancelled the show without calling it a cancellation because network executives are, you know, cowardly bags of brainless shit rotting vegetation. Taking its time slot will be WHITNEY, as of November 14th when it premieres for its second season.

Till that date, NBC will play off a few more ANIMAL PRACTICE eps so anybody who hasn’t already flooded on Crystal the monkey can still do so.

Our condolences to all those associated with the series who now are unemployed and have nowhere else to go. Our congratulations to those who already are, or will be, employed elsewhere because, let’s face it, anywhere else will be better.

What always bugs us, though, is the fact that it’s the cast, staff, and crew of shows like this that suffer while the network geniuses who ordered and supervised and ultimately castrated the show with their inane “suggestions,” (read “commands”) hold onto their VP titles and paychecks. Maybe TV reality and real reality aren’t so different after all. All too often, they’re both crushingly unfair.

Think I’m being too harsh? Let me know in the Comments. (See, I’m trying to be a better person, but so far it hasn’t taken.)

(NOTE FROM munchman TO LB: Hey, boss, how about we add a new category to TVWriter™ ? Specifically, “TV Network Review?” Nevermind, it’s already done.)