Marvel ALL WINNERS SQUAD Begins Its Assault…On Viewers

There’s funny, and there’s not funny. Guess what’s not funny:

Click and go to the video, but be prepared for the commercial that plays first – another sign of Marvel’s total misperception of the market

This is a joke, right?

Wait, let’s put it another way: This better be a joke.

Or, to be more critic-like:

Over the years, no company has proven itself more inept at self-parody than Marvel. Here, in the first episode of its new ALL WINNERS SQUAD animated interweb series, Not-So-Mighty Marvel upholds its tradition.

Oh, Howard, we are sooo sorry.

One thought on “Marvel ALL WINNERS SQUAD Begins Its Assault…On Viewers”

  1. Marvel self parody goes back to “Not Brand Ecch!” but that was when they were a young, brash company that took risks.
    Howard definitely deserves better than this. I went and watched this thing and it’s just…sad. The George Lucas movie (which actually started well, then went completely off the rails) should be forgotten and Howard’s sharp, satirical self brought back.

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