…And this, our favorite detective show (since our last favorite detective show) will be on BBC America in September. In fact, the whole third series will run on consecutive nights, September 3rd through 6th.

According to UK broadcasting sources, the ratings for LUTHER’s BBC debut, after almost two years off the air, were its lowest debut numbers so far. Could audiences actually be tiring of the star, Idris Elba? Are Brits simply waiting for him to appear as Heimdall in the next AVENGERS film instead? What the heck is going on here?

We’ll take a stab at answering our own question: You can’t keep a popular show off the air and expect its viewers to stay loyal. People, you know, forget. The key to TV success is near-constant visibility. TV watching is a matter of habit, habit, and more habit.

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Yeah, we know we’ve shown this one before. But we %!@in’ love it, so…

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