Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 9/28/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • NBC plans a miniseries based on the life of Johnny Carson, the man who kept our grandparents up way past their bedtime back in the day. (It’s based on the book Carson the Magnificent: An Intimate Portrait by Bill Zehme, but no writer has been named so call your agents and say TVWriter™ told you that nobody but you can do the job.)
  • Emily Fox (JANE BY DESIGN) has written HINDSIGHT a drama about a woman who gets the chance to go back in time and not commit what she remembers as her biggest mistake. (Which doesn’t mean much to us cuz we’re still, you know, under 30 and know damn well we’ll never make any big life mistakes. Ain’t the millenial demo grand?)
  • Katie Lovejoy (some version or other of DRACULA) is adapting the telenovela PURA SANGRE in TRUST, a serial about – surprise! – rich people in a dysfunctional family. (Which reminds us of the old saw that “movies about happy families were just jokes played by poor writers on their rich bosses.” Or something like that.)
  • Steven Bochco (he used to be Somebody) & Eric Lodal (LAWLESS) have gotten a 10 episode order from TNT for their drama series MURDER IN THE FIRST. (Which is being produced by – oh, really? who woulda thought? – TNT Originals. Which is how writers who used to be Somebody just barely manage to get deals these days even though they’re every bit as brilliant – like Mr. Bochco – as they ever were. Yeppers, we’re rooting for this baby.)
  • John Glenn & Andre Ovredal (you know them best for the huge hit TROLL HUNTER – oh, wait–) are writing NBC’s GHOST PROJEKT, based on a series of graphic novels by Joe Harris & Steve Rolston. (Hey, newbies, don’t just sit there. Turn all your specs into graphic novels and self-publish them. Not only is the future here – it works.)