Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 9/15/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Sheldon Turner (UP IN THE AIR) is developing Fox’s FRAYED, a drama series based on a Dutch miniseries adapted from the novel The Power of Mr. Miller by Charles den Tex. (We love all these Scandinavian series adaptations and are absolutely certain that they’re based on the excellence of their sources. After all, U.S. development execs all speak fluent Dutch, Swedish, Danish, et al, right?)
  • Alex Hawley (THE FOLLOWING) is writing the pilot for a drama series about a CIA analyst whose job is to keep the President informed. (We love all these CIA series and are absolutely certain that their existence has nothing to do with any pressure, overt or otherwise, from the CIA. After all, U.S. development execs all love America, right?)
  • Patricia Breen (SUBPURGATORY) is writing the women’s prison sitcom DEAD BOSS, based on a British show created by Sharon Horgan & Holly Walsh for Fox. (Yeppers, we love all these wimmin’s prison shows and are absolutely certain that they exist because of the profound significance of their subject matter. After all, U.S. development execs are serious folks with absolutely no desire to engage in any kind of exploitation, right?)
  • Naren Shankar (ALMOST HUMAN) is leaving his gig as co-showrunner of that upcoming Fox series and going off to new frontiers. (Oh, how we love those crazy, zany new frontiers. Naren’s gonna have a blast. After all, U.S. development execs would never fire a guy before his show even hit the air, right?)
  • Mark Farrell (THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES – WTF?) is the creator/writer of SEED, a Canadian sitcom being ported to The CW and being presented as proof that the U.S. network is fully committed to putting some comedies on the air. (And, in a final burst of expressing our love we direct it now at this last batch of U.S. development execs. After all (as the saying goes), they’re fully cognizant of the fact that U.S. and Canadian senses of humor have proven in the past to be in no way even remotely related, right? And yet they refuse to give up trying cuz…cuz…oh, hell, why the fuck are picking up this show?)
  • Michael Schur (PARKS & RECREATION) has extended his Universal Television deal through 2016. (And inasmuch as we lurves P&R we’re, um, thrilled not only for him but for ourselves as viewers.)