Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 8/31/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

Oh Lordy, still more deals. When will it end?

(Um, the correct answer should be, “Never!” But who knows?) Anyway:

  • Byron Willinger & Phil Deblasi (PARADISE LOST) are writing TIME TO TIME, a drama pilot for NBC about cops who live 27 years apart but work together to solve crimes. (Oh, and they’re in love with each other too. Looks like all genre bases have been covered.)
  • Micah Barnett (newb) is writing the pilot for NBC’s RICOCHET. This one’s about a guy in a coma being forced to work as part of an NSA espionage program. (We’d think this was way cool, but we’ve already seen the feature film SOURCE CODE, one of the producers of which was LB’s son Jeb, and we don’t think any imitation will live up to the original. Sorry NBC!)
  • Will Calhoun (KATH & KIM) is developing an untitled NBC sitcom about a football coach looking for redemption in the New South. (Did we already say, “Lordy?” Well, it’s definitely time to say it again. Redemption? Has nobody at NBC ever been in the New South?)
  • Todd Harthan (PSYCH) is writing a Fox pilot about secret service agent buds (as in buddies) called KILL ZONE. (Which implies that we’re going to see a dark side of the Secret Service. To which we can only exclaim, “Awesome!” Yeppers, we really love us our dark sides. We do.)
  • Matthew Arnold (SIBERIA) has sold NBC on the idea of adapting THE WIZARD OF OZ through a glass darkly with a series to be called EMERALD CITY. (We’re looking forward to this being all SIN CITY-ish but don’t have any real clues if that’s what the description means.)