Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 8/30/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

Yeppers, more deals are swarming in. Way to go Bigshot Writers! Oh, how we hate envy love you!

  • Andrea Abbate (ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE) has sold a “male LAVERNE & SHIRLEY” to Fox. (The project is described as “semi-autobiographical. We’re wondering which one of the guys is based on Andrea…and why….)
  • Rob McKellen (newb!) has sold ABE his debut short film to MGM, where they’re going to rework it as a full-length feature and help Rob become rich and famous and all-around fabulously successful in the process. (Congrats, Rob dood!)
  • Neil Forsyth (Brit newb “discovered” by Amblin’ Entertainment) is developing an ABC sitcom, EVERY OTHER SATURDAY, about a divorced father trying to get closer to his son. (What does “discovered” mean in this case? Where did this guy come from? How did he do it? If somebody out there knows, tell us so we can write about it. Puh-leez.)
  • Helen Childress (REALITY BITES) is reworking the successful (but, whoa, old) film into a series for NBC. (Where they think it’s new and that our culture is still what it was. Sometimes we, you know, wonder about this medium. Really we do.)
  • Jeff Rake (something called CASHMERE MAFIA?) is adapting the Spanish language series, “Los Misterios De Laura” into a U.S. version for NBC. (Basically, this seems to be an edgy sort of (STOP! OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT) except that this time Mom’s the detective and Sly Stallone is – mercifully – nowhere in sight.)