Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 12/28/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Tasha Huo (THE DARKNESS, which is a big fave on The Black List) has a new two-year development deal with Warner Brothers. (To which we can only say: “Hooray!” Yeppers, gang, you’ll hear nothing negative about The Black List here on TVWriter™. These dudes are doin’ it, y’know?)
  • Eliot Laurence (THE BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW) is writing CLAWS, an HBO dramedy pilot set in a Florida nail salon. (Nothing to see here. Move along, move along….)
  • Thomas Schnauz (BREAKING BAD) has joined the writing-producing staff of AMC’s upcoming series BETTER CALL SAUL. (Cuz…BCS is a spinoff of the dearly departed BB. Sigh.)
  • Peter Gould (BREAKING BAD) is already ensconced in the new BETTER CALL SAUL writers room. (Or would be if it wasn’t for, you know, that little thing called “The Holidays.”)
  • Gennifer Hutchinson (BREAKING BAD) has also joined BETTER CALL SAUL. (Hmm, BCS has almost all of the magicians…here’s hoping that BB magic strikes again!)