Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 12/20/12

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Bruce Eric Kaplan (SIX FEET UNDER) is writing the HBO pilot PEOPLE IN NEW JERSEY, a sitcom about an adult brother and sister who ponder life’s questions as they try to get through the day. (Because life’s questions are so funny, as we all know.)
  • Matt Wolpert & Ben Nedivi (ENTOURAGE) are writing an unnamed sitcom based on the life of Justin Bieber for ABC. (Because that really is funny, no? No? Oh, right: NO!)
  • Chris Mundy (CRIMINAL MINDS) is showrunning LOW WINTER SUN, a story about cops, criminals, corruption, murder, revenge, and any other bad shit you can come up with, for AMC. The series is based on a Brit miniseries of the same name. (Because ugliness always gets good ratings, as does anything adapted from the Brits…except when it doesn’t.)
  • Michael Lannan (REMEMBER ME) has written the pilot for HBO’s untitled comedy about 3 gay friends living in San Francisco. (Because somebody at HBO forgot that while 3 gay friends living in, say, a hard-boiled city like Chicago might be funny, 3 gay friends in San Francisco not only won’t be funny, they won’t even be noticed.)
  • Adam F. Goldberg (BREAKING IN) is writing the pilot for HOW THE F AM I NORMAL for ABC, a comedy inspired by Goldberg’s childhood. (Because everybody’s childhood is fascinating if its dysfunctional enough, right?)