Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/7/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim (TIM & ERIC AWESOME SHOW) are developing TIM AND ERIC’S BEDTIME STORIES, an anthological fantasy series, for Adult Swim. (And any show on Adult Swim is a friend of ours, so, “Yay, Tim and Eric!” See how easy we really are?)
  • Larry Golin (ROCKY MARCIANO? What kind of credit is that?) is adapting Eddie MacKenzie’s memoir, Street Soldier, into a Fox “event series” about the Boston Irish mob. (Brace yourselves for the coming of the Irish Anti-Defamation League. After all, if the mafia Italian-Americans could do it….)
  • Ian Sobel & Matt Morgan (newbies!) have sold their spec pilot, HARVEST, to A&E. It’s about a guy who’s life goes all to hell when his crooked father forces him into the body-trade business. (In other words, somebody sees a chance to give the audience what it clearly desires – a newer, even more disgusting variation of BREAKING BAD. Which could work, wethinks…if it’s as funny as BREAKING BAD.)
  • David Wilcox (666 PARK AVENUE) has parlayed that series remarkable success into an ABC drama pilot called ENTRAPMENT, about a beautiful, young, female prosecutor accused of murder. (Oh wait, 666 PARK AVENUE bombed. Guess nobody told ABC.)
  • Continuing his distinguished career, His Geniusship Mr. Wilcox  is also writing the pilot for BADLANDS, a supernatural Western, for The CW. (Whoa, a shoe with roots on The CW and 666 PARK AVENUE. This is true Do Not Miss TV – especially if you’re driving a very big truck.)
  • Ed Burns (yeppers, that Ed Burns) is writing PUBLIC MORALS, a period cop show for TNT. (He’s also directing the pilot and starring as well cuz…fucking Ed…fucking Burns, bitches!)