Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/14/12

“In the beginning was the word.” (um, God, we think.)

  • John Ross Bowie & Kevin Sussman (Yes, both are actors on BIG BANG THEORY) have sold their animated comedy, DARK MINIONS, to Amazon Studios. (In case anyone thought for 1 second that Amazon’s web series production arm was going to find new talent.)
  • Chris Case (RETIRED AT 34) is writing the pilot for THE CLUB, a sitcom about golf, for CBS.  (In case anyone thought CBS development knew a thing about what the audience wants to see.)
  • Austin Winsberg (JAKE IN PROGRESS) is writing the pilot for Fox’s THE TAO OF MARTHA, a sitcom based on Jen Lancaster’s forthcoming book of the same name. (And, yes, the “Martha” in question is Martha Stewart, who will be producing, of course.)
  • Sara Gamble (SUPERNATURAL) is writing the pilot for NORFOLK, a naval drama, for the CW. (The “in case” on this is that we believe the CW is going with it just “in case” the kids of NCIS viewers might be willing to give it a try.)
  • Thompson Evans (HIT LIST) is writing the pilot of NIGHT HUNTERS, a cop drama, for Fox and MAX GENERAL, a medical show, for NBC. (And “in case” you’re wondering, yes, he’s a relative unknown and we’re sure that what helped get both these deals is that he has partnered up with the former head of NBC Entertainment, Warren Littlefield.)