Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/13/12

“A word unwritten is a truth untold.” (Anon.)

  • Elizabeth Chandler (SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS) is writing the pilot for Fox’s family drama, THE BREAK, about a teenage girl sent to live with the father she’s never known…oh, and there’s surfing too. (Because JOHN FROM CLEVELAND did so well for HBO a few years ago, right?)
  • Sydney Sidner (THE RITE) is writing the pilot for the CW drama MERIDIAN HILLS, about the birth of women’s lib in the ‘7-s. (Because the CW does women – as opposed to “girls” – with such elan.)
  • Austin Winsberg (JAKE IN PROGRESS) is writing the pilot for Fox’s THE TAO OF MARTHA, a sitcom based on Jen Lancaster’s forthcoming book of the same name. (And, yes, the “Martha” in question is Martha Stewart, who will be producing, of course.)
  • Ron Moore (yeah, that Ron Moore) is masterminding a TV version of Diana Gabaldon’s OUTLANDER novels on Starz. (And you got it, it’s on Starz because everyplace the OUTLANDER team went turned them down.)
  • Fortune Feimster (who cares what else she’s done; what a great name!) is writing DISCOUNTED, a sitcom for ABC. (Which she’ll also produce and star in because, hey, she’s *Fortune Feimster*, you know?)