Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/5/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Spike Ferenstein (SEINFELD) is writing WIFE NANNY, a comedy for Fox about a guy is really scrwing up his marriage. (Don’t believe us? Here’s the logline: “a sports executive secretly hires a gay best friend for his wife in a misguided attempt to improve his marriage.” We rest our case.)
  • Pam Veasey (CSI:NY) is proving that TV writers can succeed by going from comedy to drama and back with a deal for an NBC comedy pilot called THE BASS PLAYER, HIS NEIGHBOR, THEIR LANDLORD & THEIR LOVERS. (And if that isn’t absolutely the coolest series title of the current century, tell us what is. C’mon, we’re waiting…)
  • Kal Likkel & John Hoberg (MY NAME IS EARL) are writing an ABC version of the UK dramedy NO ANGELS. (As, however, a half-hour sitcom. Cuz why stick with what works when you can screw it up?)
  • Joe Webb is writing the Fox drama pilot TAKE DOWN, about a small town that houses the perps of a very big fraud. (No, we don’t know anything about Mr. Webb other than he’s working with ITV Studios, the U.S. arm of the UK’s ITV Television – and that that’s a very good place for an unknown writer to be. Congrats, dood.)
  • Ryan Tavlin is writing LOVE IS for ABC, a drama about, um love. (Don’t know much about him either, but his deal is also via ITV Studios, as is another ABC drama he’s doing called COUNTING BACKWARDS. Hmm…)
  • Speaking of ITV Studios, Richard Murphy is also unknown to us and working with them on an untitled NBC comedy pilot about retirement aged men and women still dreaming the dream in the uberhip L.A. area of Silverlake. (Hmm…hmm…)
  • Micah Barnett, another newbie, is yet another writer with an ITV Studios deal, this one an NBC thriller about a pro hitman who becomes a forced guinea pig for an NSA espionage program. (Know what all these ITV Studios deals say to us? They say it’s time to get our people, and yours, to talking to their people. And if you don’t have your own people, call ITV yourselves. )