Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/31/12


“Every hugely successful writer I know simply writes what he or she loves…and has been lucky enough to love the same things the audience does.” (LB)


  • Zach Braff (yeah, that Zach Braff) is writing the pilot for the ABC sitcom GARAGE BAR, about a group of friends dealing with the celebrity of one of them, who has become a pop star. (Zach will also direct and serve as E.P. for the series because, hell, he is a pop star of sorts thanks to SCRUBS and GARDEN STATE.))
  • Gideon Yago (THE NEWSROOM) is writing CITY HALL, an ABC drama about a city’s youthful mayor and her staff. (Gideon will also be an E.P. because he may not be a pop star but nevertheless his credentials are impressive: He wrote for CBA and MTV News and was fired from THE NEWSROOM by pop star Aaron Sorkin.)
  • Steve Agee (THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM) & Rob Schrab (CHILDEN’S HOSPITAL) are writing an “untitled coming-of-age comedy for FX based on Agee’s military school experiences. (No, we don’t usually think of military schools as funny, but the pitch calls this “tonally similar to FREAKS & GEEKS, and a good pitch trumps reality every time.)
  • David Marshall Grant (BROTHERS & SISTERS) & Michael Lannan (REMEMBER ME) are writing an HBO comedy pilot about being gay in San Francisco. (Sorry, folks, no high concept or pop stars here. Move along, move along.)
  • Marco Pennette (ANIMAL PRACTICE) has written the TV Land Pilot GIANT BABY. (Kirstie Alley and Rhea Perlman supply the pop power in this baby. Yeah.)