AXE COP is coming to TV

For those who are so damn out of it you inspire nothing but contempt – not any of our TVWriter™ regulars, we’re sure, but those, erm, other guys who sometimes come around – AXE COP is a wild, woolly, fun, in, hip, and trendy online comic strip series, possibly the best one there is, “written,” as the site says, “by a 5 year old and illustrated by his 29 year old brother.” Family dynamics aside, it’s awesome.

AXE COP is also a new cartoon series scheduled to appear on Fox next summer.  Which is why we’re so happy about presenting this first clip we just found. (See, we’re smiling cuz there’s gonna be more. So much MORE!!!)

That’s right. A 5-year-old has sold his own TV series to a major player. Think about that whenever you’re feeling to good about yourself. I know I will.