Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/19/12


“Luv me, luv me, say that you love me…” (preferably w/dollars, not flowers)
  •  Aseem Batra (ANIMAL PRACTICE, SCRUBS) is writing the pilot for an NBC sitcom based on the life of reality star Rachel Zoe, who, of course, will produce (because the dullest known quantity is more interesting to NBC than the most exciting fresh idea).
  • Annie Hendy (THE CATHOLIC GIRL’S GUIDE TO LOSING YOUR VIRGINITY) is writing the pilot for THE GEORGE CLOONEY MANIFESTO, a Fox sitcom about a young woman who tries to live her life to the fullest after being unlucky at love (because George Clooney’s name can sell even the oldest, tritest concept…as we’re seeing right now).
  • Kayli Stollak (creator of the blog GrannyIsMyWingman.Com) & Donald Todd (SAMANTHA WHO?) are writing the pilot for a CBS sitcom based on Stollak’s blog (because the most inane semi-known quantity is more exciting to CBS than the freshest unknown concept).
  • David Rosen (I JUST WANT MY PANTS BACK) is writing the pilot for GAVIN & STACY, Fox’s version of the BBC sitcom of the same name (because even a cancelled BBC series is more attractive to Fox than something nobody else has bought yet).

Congratulations, kids. (Um, can you e-mail us later about how to get in touch with you in time for staffing?)