LB: Looks Like It’s Time to Give Up on a FIREFLY Return

josswhedonbatmanJust found this quote, more or less buried in reportage last week about “An Evening with Joss Whedon” that was hosted by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Seems there was a question-and-answer session that included this response to a question about our favorite deceased science fiction series:

“Right now I’m happy to say everybody is working doing good jobs. There’s a real fear of ‘The Monkey’s Paw,’ you know? You bring it back to life and it isn’t the same. Even if it’s GREAT and it isn’t the same. I’m dying to get on a ship with those guys again, but I’m also doing yet another goddamn huge ensemble movie [‘The Avengers 2’]. Why can’t I do a movie about just one guy? So right now I can’t even access that part of my brain. If all the planets align that would be great, but I’m not going to do what I did the first time and move heaven and earth to make it happen.”

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Great, just great. THE MONKEY’S PAW? This is like being unable to write the second half of your script because the first half is so good that you’re terrified about going on and ruining it. How ridiculous! Who’d ever react in such a sick, neurotic way?

Oh wait…

Yeah, right. The novel I sold on the basis of the first 50 pages and then was never able to write another word for. So many years ago. So much pain. So much heartbreak–


I hear ya, Joss.

Author: LB

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