Larry Brody: Live! From the Rain Forest! #1a – “More About Our New Place”

by Larry Brody

NEW AND UNUSUAL NOTE FROM LB: Last week I debuted a new column and in the process made a few comparisons to our “old place” back in the Ozarks.

That would have been that, but:

One thing I neglected to say in last week’s post is that where we’re living not only looks much different from Cloud Creek Ranch, it also looks much different from the way the property did when we first moved in, as a result of adjacent land being bought, sold, built on, renewed, and all that sort of thing.

A couple of days ago, while perusing a website dedicated to one of my current obsessions (comic strips, which I’ve been addicted to since before I knew how to read  but which are still way up near the top of my list, I ran across a daily panel from Bill Whitehead that summarized my feelings about the change in the Brody environment so well that I’m publishing that today instead of moving on to a new topic.

As usual, I beg your forgiveness. Well,  not really beg, but…you know…

Anyway, here it is:

from Free Range by Bill Whitehead

We’ll talk more next time!

Author: LB

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