All these writers and many more!
All these writers and many more!

Ah, Netflix. How I love thee. Although you’re far from perfect and need to a) offer more current streaming options and b) not wait so long to release new seasons, I can’t complain because you bring me gems like this: Tales from the Script. 

I love documentaries and biographies. Netflix is full of them. Somehow this ended up on my recommendations list and when I saw that it featured not one, not two, not even three but 50 Hollywood writers telling their stories I pounced on it. Honestly, I expected it to be soundbites and superficial interviews of just a few writers who made it and a bunch more writers who were trying to break in. Not so. If you’re a writer–any writer but especially a screenwriter–you MUST see this doc.

No spoilers here. No details here because you HAVE to watch it. But I will say this: you will find a lot of truth, inspiration, discouragement, encouragement, and advice.

There’s also a companion book, which may or may not have more insights than the documentary. But I’ve read a lot of books on craft and the business, so for me it was nice to see and hear the writers discuss their personal stories. This is definitely a repeat documentary for me. I might even take notes on the next viewing.

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