Jodie Foster – “A Deadly Woman Who Runs Her Own Syndicate”

“What I do are personal stories and…TV’s the place for that.” Jodie Foster, now directing a pilot about a woman mobster because, evidently, it’s so personal for her.

No, Ms. Foster isn’t the writer. She’s directing, but her name and pic do bring more eyes to the page than just about any writer’s. You know how that goes. Our apologies to Rob Fresco, who besides his cool name has some very heavy credits (TOUCH, HEROES, JERICHO, CROSSING JORDAN) for teaching him this difficult lesson. Anyway:

Jodie Foster Heads To Showtime To Direct Mob Drama ‘Angie’s Body’ – by Kevin Jagernauth

“I think I may spend some time on cable,” Jodie Foster told the Oregon Herald at Comic-Con last month, about where she might be going next…Foster will return behind the camera for her first effort since “The Beaver” with Showtime‘s “Angie’s Body.” Penned by Rob Fresco (“Heroes,” “Crossing Jordan“) the series adds a unique twist to the organized crime drama, and will center on a deadly woman who runs her own syndicate, and those are the only details so far. Foster doesn’t direct often, and thus far her choices have been interesting from the underrated drama “Little Man Tate,” the Christmas comedy “Home for the Holidays” and Mel Gibson vehicle “The Beaver.” But perhaps none of those are as intriguing as her very first gig behind the camera, helming a 1988 episode of “Tales From The Darkside” entitled “Do Not Open This Box” (watch below). Certainly, the television landscape has changed a lot since then.

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Hmm, we’re getting the feeling that Rob Fresco might be more interesting than Jodie Foster even though he isn’t an Oscar-winning film star. Next time this show comes up, we’re sticking with our original “It’s all about the writer” policy. Maybe we’ll even have a supercool Rob Fresco picture to use. (The real reason we didn’t use one this time around is that when we Googled the Robster, here’s what we got:

Jodie Foster isn’t Rob Fresco, dammit!

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