Indie Film: THE BENCH by Hank Isaac

…who, as a Seattle-ite (Seattlean? Seattle-lite? Seattleizen?) lives just a hop, skip and jump from TVWriter™ Central, and who also is a helluva a filmmaker.


Hank is taking part in the 22nd Annual Woods Hole Film Festival in beautiful Falmouth, Massachusetts on historical Cape Cod. The Woods Hole Film Festival (which, btw, has what must be the slowest-loading damn website on the modern-day interwebs) is an 8-day showcase of indie films, with daily screenings, workshops, panel discussions, and most important of all for such as we (big drinkers, you know) parties up the yingyang.

This year the Festival begins July 27th and runs through August 3rd, and we counted roughly 45 films on the (very poorly designed and generally uninformative) site, including narrative and documentary shorts and features.

Among those features is Hank Isaac’ss new short, THE BENCH, which we’re recommending because, damn, this baby has already won the Northwest Prize at the 8th annual Children’s Film Festival in Seattle and Hank’s other work has been so good. Not that we consider this a children’s film by any means. It’s got way too much going for it.

Bottom line: You can find out more about THE BENCH HERE. And we at TVWriter™ definitely think that you should.