If You Renew a Series That Nobody Knows is On, Have You Really Renewed Anything?


This question is, but of course, inspired by the poster above for a series called ROGUE, which it turns out is produced by DirecTV and shown only on DirecTV.

Seems the show starring Thandie Newton has already been on for a season without anybody at TVWriter™ knowing about it. You’d think the honchos at DirecTV would have made a bigger advertising fuss if it wanted people to subscribe and watch. Letting the series, which evidently is about “an undercover detective searching for her son’s killer,” go unnoticed doesn’t make much sense to us, especially when it seems likely that it only exists to draw attention to the service.

Of course, our thoughts proceed from the basic premise that people like Chris Long, DirectTV’s senior vice president of entertainment and production, know what they’re doing. And we should have learned long ago that believing anybody can actually do the job they have is magical thinking at its worst.

Hey, if you’ve ever watched this show, can you tell us what you think of it? Maybe write a review? Might be a coupla dozen TVWriter™ visitors who’ll appreciate that, ya never know.