Hulu and Viacom are Staying in Bed Together

…And the sex relationship  is even better than ever!

Viacom is extending the deal that puts so much of its cable “product” on Hulu and, in fact, adding several new choices for Hulu visitors/viewers to, erm, choose.

Well, not exactly new. We’re talking mostly about shows like iCARLY, VICTORIOUS, and HOW TO ROCK, which are either formerly hot and watched on TV by only a ghost of their old audience, or just plain deceased although SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS and the upcoming reboot of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES will be available on Hulu Plus.

The way TVWriter™ looks at it, if you were a Nickelodeon kid in the last decade and want to relive your youth, now’s a good time to consider signing up for Hulu Plus. But if you’re thinking about things your younger cousin or niece or nephew might like…hey, you’d probably be better off directging ’em to one of Disney’s 1002 rating champion channels because the Disney formula seems to be exactly what today’s pre-teen market wants.

In other words, while we think it’s great whenever any content provider makes more of its stuff available online we have to say that those in the know will have Viacom in a dead pool any minute now, with this attempt sadly proving to be a perfect case of too little, too late.

Just sayin’.