How To Tap Into Your Creativity

Creativity is a terrible thing to waste:


by Headspace

Is creativity a matter of nature or nurture to you? Does it spontaneously arise when you least expect it, or do you deliberately attempt to be creative? Are there times when you wish you could be more creative? And what does creativity mean to you anyway? Is it something that allows you to solve problems, is it something through which you express yourself physically or is it something that keeps you feeling connected and in touch with the world around you?


We can interpret and interact with this thing we call creativity. Sometimes the approach is full of good intention and yet nothing seems to arise, and other times we can be in the shower, or wondering what to have for lunch and the best idea in the world suddenly pops into our mind. So why does it happen like this, and what can we do about it? And is it even possible to train the mind to become more creative?


When it comes to creativity, western psychologists often like to talk about it terms of “conscious” and “subconscious” mind. This suggests that they are two distinct places, and that we somehow have to “access” or “tap into” this creative space. From a meditation point of view, that’s not strictly true. Sure, if you had to give a name to those thoughts and feelings you are not aware of in any given moment, you could call them “subconscious” — or anything else for that matter. But whatever you choose to call it, we are still talking about the mind … and there is only one mind!

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  1. This is not a ‘COMMENT’. Perhaps I’m just “COMMENTED OUT”. Or maybe the fact that this is about “TV WRITING” or maybe as simply as so much has already been mentioned about it there’s really no need to add more. And yet, what would writers be without actors? And how often do you meet an actor who truly loved what We Writers do for a living. Well, my fellow Scribes, I had the good fortune of working with an actor who loved us! So much in fact that she would arrive on the set early, simply to go over her part to make sure she hadn’t missed anything that we writers had on our mind! Now who could this be? Who else but the beautiful, talented, giving and thoughtful KAREN BLACK. Whom I had the privilege to work with when she was still doing TV. So long ago, in fact, I can’t even remember the series, except for the fact as ‘STORY EDITOR’ (WHATEVER THAT IS) I had to get their early to finish my rewrites, but not early enough not to find Karan already going over her lines in my office. And how often I heard… “Gerald, wouldn’t that line read better this way…then the way you wrote it?” And all it took was one look at that lovely face, the soft, but determined tone of her voice, the love and genius — yes, genius! — she had for her Art for me to agree a 100%. “Yes, Karen, of course. Anything else you’d like to rewrite? And damn, why did I have to ask that?”
    Or better yet — How dare I not? How dare I… gs

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