Rasslin’ with Opportunity

Not our metaphor, honest.

And, frankly, there’s not much new in this article by Keith Fenimore on TheWrap.Com. But its message is still valid, and the newer you are to showbiz (or any biz, really), the more likely that you may have missed it. So:

Opportunity Will Knock – If You Drag it to the Door Step

By Keith Fenimore

If you are going about it the right way, pivotal junctures should sprout up throughout a career more readily than Lindsey Lohan gets sworn in, but without the side effect of a rap sheet.

On the front end of these moments come opportunities … opportunities that you must create for yourself. And on the back end are the decisions you make that will dictate the direction of your career path. All in, the outcome will produce the defining moments of your

I’d like to focus on the opportunity portion of this equation, since without opportunity, you’ll have no decisions to make. Opportunities are not handed out in Hollywood like gold stars in fifth grade, they come as a direct result of hard work, countless hours and intense persistence. All too often people new to the industry start to figure out what they’re going to say on the DVD commentary before they even finish writing the script to the movie.

Let me clear something up … there is no such thing as “overnight success.” That term is something the media created as a catchy tagline to turn heads. If they told the truth and wrote after five ears, 47 rejections and two false starts this TV Show is premiering Thursday night, people may not want to tune in, or maybe they would. Either way don’t be
misled — nothing comes without out hard work and sacrifice.

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