Hey, FIREFLY Fanatics – Merchandisers are Calling Your Name

Just when you think you’ve seen everything you find out there’s more, MORE, MOREMORE!!!

In other words, we were slacking off at work the other day, just surfing around the Whedonverse, and here’s some of what we saw that we had no idea was out there:

Mal’s Masculinity, Um, We Mean Gun


Our Favorite Car Air Refresher Ever!
The Whedon Lover’s Mug

And don’t forget these 2 special value items:

e6e8                  f108

These and many more at your local Whedon Store now! (In other words, turns out that tons of websites have ’em. All these good stuffs are yours for the googling!

Know what we wish? We wish that everybody reading this would have this kind of “failed” series. We know that we’d love it, that’s for sure.

2 thoughts on “Hey, FIREFLY Fanatics – Merchandisers are Calling Your Name”

  1. Our intense investigation shows that Joss is selling much of it himself via Cafe Press so we know he’s benefiting at least in that way. And Jayne must be benefiting too, right? I mean, because isn’t that what he does?



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