Have You Visited “Unknown Archive TV”?


We think you should.

What we have up above is a shot from the unaired pilot for the BBC’s SHERLOCK, which is up and at ’em at UnknownArchiveTV a site chock full of arcane, wonderful, wacky, bizarre TV shows, none of which are available anywhere else – or so we’re told; we didn’t spend all weekend looking for everything elsewhere cuz we were, you know, on our days off.

Here’s how the UnknownArchive itself puts it:

The Unknown Archive is a group effort by various video enthusiasts who are attempting to salvage video from vanishing into history.

We think that this is the most awesome interweb gift to television fans in many a day and intend to spend the rest of our lives watching unaired pilots from SHERLOCK, THE TIME TUNNEL, THE SHADOW, THE MUNSTERS, THAT GIRL, REPUBLIC OF DOYLE, DOLLHOUSE, and over 150 more, on and on and on.

Our suggestion: Hurry before the Evil Kingdoms of BigMedia Inc. force a massive takedown.

Click the Image Above to go to the site!