Have Trouble Getting Into Netflix’s ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT?


The new season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT was a big hit for Netflix. So big that there’s talk about bringing the show back for another “televised” encore.

However, a lot of viewers had problems with the structure and editing of the show, which was different from the TV version in days of yore, concentrating around individual characters instead of blipping around (no, that’s not a technical term you never heard of, just a word we made up) and intercutting between characters and stories. They felt that the ensemble effect that was part of the charm of the original was lost.

Which it was because for budget and scheduling reasons they just couldn’t jam everybody together this time around.

If you’re one of those who was disappointed, fret no more. A Reddit user called morphinapg has re-edited the entire series of new episodes to give us the same wonderfulness the original ones had. Check out his written chronology – and, more importantly we think, to most of the disappointed viewers – to download his versions of all 12 episodes.

morphinapg, you’re our kinda guy/girl. Hope you don’t get into trouble with the you-know-what’s for all this fine work.