Filmography: Matching Cinematic Stills with Real Life

We know this guy! Yay, Christopher Moloney!

Erm, sorry. We know we’re being uncool. But still, he’s in fucking Vanity Fair!

Ooh, Patrick Swayze! Before there was TVWriter™ our boss, LB, knew him too!

Here’s how Vanity Fair puts it:

Journalist Christopher Moloney walks to work through Central Park on most days, and last summer he made an observation. “Every day I walked past tons of locations from popular—and not-so-popular—movies,” he explains. He decided to start printing out stills from the films and comparing them to their real-life counterparts. “Since then, I’ve re-created more than 250 scenes around the city.” His work—which includes movies as varied asMidnight Run, The French Connection, and Shaft—can be found at his Web site, FILMography. “I’m actually surprised that locations used in the 1940s and 1950s haven’t changed that much,” he says. “But places used in movies last year are virtually unrecognizable.” New York also changes depending on the director, Moloney adds. “You can tell just how much filmmakers like Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee love the city. It’s sometimes hard to believe that those three very different places are all the same city.”

We definitely recommend that you see all of these pix – and others – on Chris’s site.