Extra! Next TVWriter™ Advanced Workshop Starts May 15th

…And the last time we looked there were 3 places left.

Beautiful Campus - But Not Ours. Ours is Virtual. And a Lot Less Expensive.
Beautiful Campus – But Not Ours. Ours is Virtual. All the Comforts of Home.

The TVWriter™ Advanced Online TV and Film Writing Workshop is for writers who know the primary elements of script writing – format, story structure, basic characterization – and are now ready to plunge into their own teleplay or screenplay.

This is a 4 week class that meets in our Audio-Video Chat Room on Wednesday evenings. Under the guidance of Our Beloved Boss, Larry Brody, participants (and of course LB) read and comment on each other’s pages in the traditional writers workshop way…except that LB has hella more experience than just about any other workshop leader out there.

The cost of the Advanced Workshop is $140. Enrollment is limited to 5 students, so it fills up quickly. For more info, and to sign-up, CLICK HERE.


2 thoughts on “Extra! Next TVWriter™ Advanced Workshop Starts May 15th”

  1. Okay, I know this COMMENT is out of place. But really you have to be a LITERARY ENGINEER (AND SPELLER) to find the right place. We who write, write because we can’t do anything else. Say what you will, LB, but I remember you from daze of olde. I watched you from behind my desk. I read your scripts, observed your reactions to my comments; you wrote because…you were a writer born. Live with it. There are worse things. (Or so I’ve been told.)

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