Extra! Everything That’s Wrong with the Re-booted STAR TREK Films

…And so many other movies and TV shows today:


From Blastr:

“He [Cumberbatch] was so compelling on the set that the other actors brought extra energy and extra attention to their roles. He was a force of nature,” Orci said. “In terms of his character, we wanted to make sure that the audience did not need any previous knowledge to understand him. So the big debate was: should he or shouldn’t he be Khan?”

So how’d they decide that the humble villain known as John Harrison deserved to be transformed into the baddest Trek villain of them all? Well, they made a rule that Cumberbatch could be Khan “as long as the audience doesn’t have to know that backstory,” according to Kurtzman. The standalone story (terrorist attacks, Klingon homeworld, secret Federation war machines, etc.) came first, and then they tried to find ways that Khan’s own history could fit naturally into that story.

Yeah, let’s make him a whole other character who really doesn’t apply to the situation but whom the audience already loves. Creative thinking, doods. Right.