Elvis Read A Book

Well, all we know for sure is that he checked it out of the high school library. But that’s a start.

This was just one item among many that went on auction couple of days ago. Here’s the auction house description:

Elvis Presley Signed Humes High School Library Card (1948). May be the oldest “autograph” of the King we’ve ever offered! Just months after his family had moved to Memphis from Tupelo, Mississippi, the 13 year-old Elvis checked out a copy of The Courageous Heart: A Life of Andrew Jackson For Young Readers. The card was discovered years later by a Humes High librarian while clearing some old books from inventory. Offered with the vintage library card bearing Elvis’ signature is a copy of the book. COA from Richard Consola. Estimate: $4,000 – up.

According to the price list, this sold for – get ready – $7500. Not bad, eh, Priscilla?