Does AMC’s New Tag Line Mean “Story [Doesn’t] Matter” Anymore?


AMC’s Former Logo


AMC’s New Logo

So what’s the deal here? Does this mean story no longer matters? That AMC is going to be developing less scripted shows? Shows that are scripted, um, less well? Shows with more…more what, exactly?

The person responsible for approving, if not making, this change, is Linda Schupack, AMC’s Executive Vice President of Marketing, who told AdWeek.Com:

“It’s not a repositioning of our brand. It’s all meant to reflect a new, refined expression of what we are.”

She also put it another way:

“The idea is that we are ‘Something Innovative,’ ‘Something Engaging,’ ‘Something Immersive.’ All of which then rolls up to ‘Something More. Because the thing about this brand is, we are eclectic, we are not just one thing.”

In other words Ms. Schupack is clueless about what AMC is/does/stands for. Or so her imprecise, over-generalized, bullshit words seem to say.

We wonder if she’s the one who actually wrote the new slogan. Obviously, a writer didn’t come up with it. Because writers know how to use words to create phrases that, you know, mean something.

Which reminds us of an old LB television writing story. He was meeting with a producer of some show about a first draft he’d written for it. A producer who said he loved what LB had done. Except…

“Well, there’s just this one problem. Every scene here means something. We’ve got to change that, you know.”

Oh, well, like you (we’re sure), we can hardly wait for the new, innovative, immersive, engaging AMC.