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the originals
Wait! They named a spinoff THE ORIGINALS? WTF?

CW’s ‘Originals’ Most Popular New Show on Social Media
by Aaron Couch

The CW’s The Originals is proving it doesn’t suck to be a vampire — at least not on social media.

The Vampire Diaries spinoff tops fall’s freshmen TV shows when it comes to its social media fanbase. The drama boasts more than 1.9 million fans across Facebook and Twitter, according to a new ranking from ListenFirst, which aggregates and analyzes data streams across social, digital and traditional channels.

Fox’s Sleepy Hollow came in second, with more than 821,000 fans, with ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (801,423), NBC’s Dracula (425,074) and NBC’s The Blacklist (363,483) rounding out the top five.

ListenFirst examined 27 new shows across the five broadcast networks, with data collected late last month. (ABC’s Agent of SHIELD — which has a strong social following — was excluded, because its Facebook and Twitter handles had preexisting audiences.)

The CW’s three new shows — The Originals, Reign and The Tomorrow People — had the highest average social audience, averaging 794,000 fans across Facebook and Twitter.

But having a large social audience doesn’t necessarily translate into the best ratings. On CBS, The Crazy Ones and The Millers have brought in solid ratings for CBS on Thursday nights, despite having relatively small social audiences. In the social media rankings, The Crazy Ones came in at No. 17 with just under 83,000 fans, while The Millers ranked 25th with just shy of 15,000 fans.

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