‘Borgias’: Two-Hour Movie Script Gets E-book Treatment

Because the future is now:

jeremy_irons_francois_renaud_the_borgias_h_2013by Lesley Goldberg

The Borgias fans are getting closure after all.

The canceled theJeremy Irons drama after three seasons, the premium cable network announced Monday that creator Neil Jordan‘s script for a two-hour movie follow-up would be released this week as an e-book.

“Breaking #Borgias News! SHOWTIME and THE BORGIAS creator Neil Jordan are excited to announce the release of his new e-book, THE BORGIA APOCALYPSE, based on his original script for THE BORGIAS two-hour finale,” the network announced via Twitter. “THE BORGIA APOCALYPSE will be available this week via major e-retailers. We’re thrilled that the series’ loyal fans will have the opportunity to read Neil’s final farewell to one of history’s most infamous families.”

The e-book comes weeks after fans of the period drama sent a message to Showtime entertainment president David Nevins to save the series, using a paid protester and flying a banner over the network’s time at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour.

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And now TVWriter™’s thought for the day. What’s to keep all of us from publishing our own teleplays and screenplays – you know, the ones that haven’t been produced anywhere because the idiots in charge are, well, idiots – from turning them into ebooks? Think of the potential!

3 thoughts on “‘Borgias’: Two-Hour Movie Script Gets E-book Treatment”

  1. Exactly! I’m working on publishing my audio scripts, both produced and unproduced on Kindle and Nook. In fact, the first should, good Lord willin’ and the crick don’t rise, be up later today. I have already published many of my short stories, and the process isn’t terribly complicated. Once you have everything ready it takes less than a half hour to do.

    Bob Tinsley

  2. Keep us posted about what’s happening, Bob. Better yet, write us an article or 10 about the whole process!

    (Yeah, that’s kind of a hint.)



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