BLOOD & CHROME Coming to YouTube Machinima Prime

Time to embrace the Web Series Explosion because, ladies and gents, it has indeed begun!

For reals:

See, what’s happened is that “Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome,” created and written by Michael Taylor & David Eick, which was supposed to be another prequel to Syfy’s “Battlestar Galactica” reimagining, is going to be a YouTube series on its Machinima Prime channel instead.

After the previous prequel, “Caprica,” tanked, the Syfy geniuses passed on Blood & Chrome as a series, although they are going to show the pilot as a TV movie. This left an opening for YouTube, which will be cutting the pilot into 10 short chapters that will start to air on the interwebs in just a few days, on November 9th.

We admit it. We’re hoping the YouTube version is a smash big enough to make YouTube’s masters at Google toss a bunch of bucks its way for more, more, more delicious Battlestar goodness.

Whatcha think? Will this happen? You guys are the audience, which makes you the experts here.