Bigshot Writers Commissioned to Write DOCTOR WHO Short Stories

…Cuz fan fiction by big names is the perfect way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show. (But we hear munchman’s gonna write one and try to hack it onto the DOCTOR WHO site at the most inappropriate time.

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Doctor Who short stories announced for 50th anniversary – by psychotronicvortex

A new series of Doctor Who stories is set to be published monthly to celebrate the 50th anniversary year of the hit television programme.

The 11 tales, known as “eshorts”, will each be written by a well-known children’s author.

Each story will feature one of the various regenerations of the Doctor, starting with William Hartnell, who played the character from 1963-1966.

A paperback of the stories will be published by Puffin in November.

The first children’s author will be revealed on the BBC Worldwide Doctor WhoFacebook page on Monday 7 January, followed by the first story on Wednesday 23 January.

A promotional video of each author will also be available each month on the BBC Worldwide YouTube channel starting on Friday 11 January.

EDITED TO ADD: This just in. Eoin Colfer, writer of the Artemis Fowl book series, has been announced as the writer of the first DOCTOR WHO story, A Big Hand for the Doctor. 10 more to come.