Dare to be Stupid

Because you can never be perfect, but you can always be stupid. And stupid is more useful:


It’s okay to be dumb.

by David Mikola

The more you look for inspiration: the less you make. When you put that much energy into watching other people make: you begin to think it’s impossible to do great work of your own. read article

Kathryn Graham: 48 Hour Film Project


by Kathryn Graham

Ever heard of the 48 Hour Film Project?

Why, it’s a chance for you to test your skills, meet people, and jump start your creativity. Spend a sleepless few days pushing yourself and your team to the limits for fun, glory, and the arts! I just finished the New Haven chapter’s 2013 run (but there are many other cities who haven’t started yet). Here’s why I had a great time and you might too: read article

Kate G: Peer Production – How to Edit Video


Have you ever thought about making your own webseries? Got a great idea you really want to bring to fruition? Of course you do, you’re a writer. So do it. Nowadays, anyone can make a webseries or a short – yes, even you.

Many people believe that they aren’t able to do what they want because they lack money and they don’t know anyone who will do what they need for free. At this point I say, well, then just do it yourself. read article

Kate G: Television Writing Contests 2013

Cinco de Bastos - Rider

by Kate G

Get some eyes on your spec, original pilot, or other original scripts by submitting to yearly television writing contests. Contests at least guarantee that someone will take the time to read through your script, and if you’re good (and lucky), they can offer cash, development deals, paid internships, high level workshops, and bragging rights. For the most part, television writing contests seem to be held in the first half of the year with the majority holding deadlines during or at the end of May. Once you hit June/July you’re pretty much going to be working for next year’s contests. In the spirit of helping every aspiring television writer out there, we’re listing a bunch of contests here in relative chronological order!

New York Television Festival

This one’s going first because it has many different deadlines throughout the year depending on which initiatives it is currently sponsoring. Take a good look, East Coasters, because this is all you’re gonna get close to home. Most of these contests (or ‘initiatives’) are for independent producers creating original content, meaning you’re probably going to have to get out there and film something – even if it’s just a couple minutes to go with your treatment. They partner with companies like A&E, History, and Fox to provide chances for development deals. Festival is held every fall in Manhattan. Check back for new initiatives.

Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship

Entry Period: January 2nd – February 28th read article