Are summer TV shows more enjoyable than fall TV shows?

Back in the day, the answer to the question in our headline would have been a resounding, “No!!!” Throughout the 20th Century summer was notoriously the time when the networks played off the stuff they thought was crap. Now, however:

summer-tv-tvwriter.comby Jaylen Christie

It seems to be an accepted fact among my colleagues and friends that I’m not particularly fond of scorching temperatures – which is rather interesting considering that summer is one of my all-time favorite seasons. You see, I am a big fan of summer television. In fact, I honestly believe it’s the best form of broadcast programming. While there may be some individuals who don’t particularly share my sentiment, I stand by my unadulterated belief. Simply put, summer TV is damn awesome.

Don’t believe me? Take a gander at your local listings.

I’ve always found diversity to be the spice of life. To that end, I’ve become hooked on several dissimilar, yet remarkably entertaining, shows this summer. The USA Network has become known for offering television programs that are light and fluffy. I’m a big fan of Royal Painswhich is one of the shows that I’ve been watching on the network. In fact, it’s become a part of my Wednesday night staple along with the hilarious Baby Daddy on ABC Family, and the always funny The Soul Man on TV Land. On Saturday mornings, my television is locked on Cartoon Network for Beware the Batman, and my Sunday evenings are spent watching Devious Maids on Lifetime.

You see? There really is something for everyone.

Perchance the same can be said about the regular television season – you know, the one that commonly starts in late September and ends in May. Last season, I had trouble finding a new show to watch during the fall and spring. I gave Arrow a shot but that fizzled like a can of Mountain Dew. I even tried Scandal, but it just didn’t do anything for me. While there was honestly a broad selection for me to choose from, I couldn’t find a program that I could enjoy. This certainly isn’t the case for the summer though.

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