Angelo J. Bell: Head Start 2014 – Filmmaking & Writing

starting-early-tvwriter.comby Angelo J. Bell

I’ve been having regular phone convo’s with my NYC buddy, Filmmaker Sujewa, and we’ve mutually decided to get a jumpstart on 2014. There is work to be done

After pooling our informational and intellectual resources I’ve come up with three things I must do, sort of a dynamic “to do list” to make 2014 my best year ever.

? In order for me to feel comfortable attaching the title of filmmaker to my name, I need to get more projects out there into the indie world, in less time. In this age of diy micro-budget filmmaking, taking 2 years or longer to produce a feature film is simply too long.  Also I need to use these films to connect with audiences in particular. If I connect with other filmmakers, so be it. But audiences and fans are the ones who buy and rent movies. Luckily, the adaptation of my film, the drug addiction project, “Renounced“,  is a strong micro- project to re-enter the indie film world.

? I must produce several contest-worthy screenplays. With my renewed interest in screenwriting contests and acknowledgement that the right contest can open doors for screenwriters, my goal is to produce 2-to-3 polished dramatic screenplays in 2014.  If you know me, you know my forte is thrillers (action, suspense, neo noir) but drama is what breaks through closed doors —  well, drama and big budget studio level screenplays. My goal is to produce  both next year. The adaptation of my drug addiction project, “Renounced,” is a good candidate. I also plan to adapt a fantasy studio level project I’ve written as well.

? I must spend considerable time on film, finance marketing and distribution. Word must go out to the masses that I have some films out there (Broken Hearts Club and Resurrection of Serious Rogers)!  I need to connect with the various money sources (aside from crowdfunding) to make my movies. Again, this is about connecting with audiences (aka current and future fans). I’m working on a blog that should help do just that while also creating a venue to exploit my upcoming project, “A Perfect Weapon.” APW is a neo noir thriller with Alimi Ballard (NUMB3RS) attached and Tehmina Sunny (MISTRESSES, THE FOLLOWING, ARGO) attached.

Check out the mock video for “A Perfect Weapon

The other goal is the continue my efforts developing content suitable to be picked up by NBC Universal and its affiliates. Twitter Team RCWD has been to pitch a cumulative 13 times, with another meeting scheduled  early next year.