Angelo Bell: The biz is flighty, you don’t have to be

Do you know Angelo Bell? We think you should.

So, by way of introduction:


Stories abound in the entertainment industry (Hollywood) about two-timing, back-stabbing, fair-weather friends, fast-talking schemers with dazzling breath and even more dazzling lies, ineptness, incompetence, pretenders, wannabes, poo-puts, fakers, posers, frauds and scoundrels. Yes, these people exist in abundance, but they have not taken over Hollywood by any means.

There’s still an abundance of decent, hardworking, honest people who fly under the radar because they’re doing it right.

There remains people who see no harm in lending a hand, sharing information, or reaching back to help an aspiring colleague. The business can be flighty, ugly, selfish and dog-eat-dog, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. You have to be aware, yes. You should protect yourself at all times.  You should keep  the information, tools and people you need to protect your intellectual property — but your keen awareness should not transmogrify into snide, snark, malicious omission or spite.

We’re in an Internet information age, and knowledge is  freely available. You are not the only one with information. If you decide to hoard it, it shall be kept from you as well. At one time, you did not know a thing. Have respect for others on the journey to come to know a thing.

It’s a small town. Word travels fast. Bad words travel even faster. Whenever you see and experience something that angers you,  decide not to replicate that experience for someone else.

From Angelo’s very cool blog, WorldsWithWords