An INGENIOUS Use of Kickstarter

We know, terrible pun. Sorry. But this film, INGENIOUS, starring Jeremy Renner and Dallas Roberts, looks pretty cool. And if THE AVENGERS made you wonder, “WTF? This guy’s been nominated for two Oscars? Why?” the INGENIOUS trailer alone will set you straight.

The film is pretty into the holding on your dreams thing, which makes TVWriter™ a kind of a soft touch for it, and it’s on Kickstarter now. Here’s the lowdown as told to us via email by Brian Neufang, of Arriba Films, the movie’s producers:

Starring two-time Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner (The Bourne Legacy) and Dallas Roberts (The Grey), INGENIOUS has been in limbo for two years, waiting for finishing funds, and to take advantage of Renner’s increasing popularity.

During that time, INGENIOUS, although shown essentially as a rough cut, became a festival hit. Featured in fifteen festivals, it was the Opening Night film at the Jerusalem and Cleveland Film Festivals and the Closing Night film at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. INGENIOUS also won Best Picture and Best Director awards.

Reviews from the festivals have been overwhelmingly positive:

“A terrific yarn, a uniquely American movie. Renner and Roberts are sublimely cast. Could become an indie success story.”
Lael Lowenstein – VARIETY

“Great Script and inspired performances.”

We have received a number of offers from major US distributors, but didn’t think they shared our enthusiasm for a wide release, which we feel this movie merits.”

INGENIOUS is based on a true story about a small-time inventor (Roberts) and a slick salesman (Renner) who hit rock bottom before coming up with a product that becomes a worldwide phenomenon.

But the movie isn’t about the product.It’s about perseverance and overcoming hard times with humor. We’re determined to prove that good indie films can succeed outside the Hollywood system.

Works for us. We wish everybody involved good luck!

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