Amazon Storyteller will Storyboard Your Script – for Free

Amazon Storyteller Capture

The Good News:

Amazon.Com has a very cool toy for all us writerly, film-makerly girls and boys. It’s called Amazon Storyteller and it’s a free online tool that turns scripts into storyboards. Oh, and it really seems to work. We aren’t ultra sure of this because of:

The Bad News: 

Truth to tell, this probably would be Good News to many others, but for those of us who like to keep our work private either until it’s ready or, you know, forever because that’s the kind of peeps we are, the fact that Amazon wants us to share everything we do with the app is a bitch. Which is why:

TVWriter™ Official Review:

There isn’t any official review. LB set up an account and urged us to use it. But using it meant either making our own script (the one we were turning into storyboards) public or using someone else’s already public script, and that totally freaked us out.

Yes, even the part about using someone else’s script cuz we don’t want to be influenced, overtly or subliminally, by the work of somebody else. Especially somebody who might want to sue our butts off after we become rich and famous for writing something totally unlike their work except in, um, their own minds.

Amazon’s Capsule Description of Amazon Storyteller:

Storyteller begins by scanning a movie script that has been uploaded to Amazon Studios. It identifies the scenes, locations and characters from scene descriptions, and “casts” them from a library of thousands of characters, props and backgrounds. Filmmakers can recast or change locations, or they can upload their own images.

Storyteller places the cast in front of the right background so that filmmakers can focus their time on the emotion and energy of scenes by using pan and zoom, changing the facial expressions and positions of characters, adding vehicles or props or adding captions with descriptions or additional dialogue.

Once completed, the storyboard can be published on Amazon Studios where other users are able to view it and give feedback on the project.

Amazon Storyteller is free—anyone can visit and use this new tool to visualize their movie script and share it with others.

More information about Amazon Storyteller is available at

TVWriter™ Suggestion

On its face, this really does look like a terrific toy. Whether or not it’s a helpful/valuable storytelling tool is another matter, still to be determined. We encourage as many TVWriter™ers as possible to go over to the link above and check it out. See if you feel comfortable using it.

See if it helps you create. See if it helps your entertain your audience while expressing yourselves.  And then tell us. Comment here or send an email. We love this idea. It’s just that, well, to be as forthright as possible, it scares the fucking hell outta us.

Good luck!