A List of (Almost) Every Netflix TV Series

Netflix via IMDB
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Now that the web has taken over our TV sets, with sites like Amazon Prime Instant and Netflix liberating us from cable dependency and doing all the lifting and carrying anybody could possibly need, IMDB has surveyed the situation, done a little pondering, and, voila!, they’ve posted what they call Every Netflix TV Series Sorted by IMDB Ranking.

It’s an awesome feat, and one we as Netflix users are grateful for, but when we last looked, just a few days ago, we did see some British and Swedish shows that we’ve binged on in the past missing. In other words, having this excellent resource doesn’t absolve everybody from doing a little closer hunting on their own.

All in all, though, a big thanks to the International Movie Database! Where would all true fans be without you?

Fannish Addendum Dept: Ain’t it cool how BREAKING BAD and FIREFLY are the highest rated shows you can get on Netflix? Don’t it do a writing body good to see excellence so greatly appreciated? Yeah, baby!