A Lesson in the Creative Side of TV Production

Actually, every side of TV production is creative. Except network meetings, that is:

An oldie but a goodie

Comedy 101 by Ken Levine

Haven’t done this in awhile but several of you have requested it. Today I’ll show an episode of our CBS show ALMOST PERFECT and tomorrow I’ll walk you through the thought process on how we broke the story and why we made the decisions we made.

A quick refresher on ALMOST PERFECT. It’s about a high-powered woman in her 30s (Nancy Travis) who is a writer on a TV cop show. On the day she gets the job of her life (showrunner) she meets the guy of her life (Kevin Kilner) and both are a full-time job.

Final note: the show starts 25 seconds in. Enjoy and we’ll see you in class tomorrow.

See the video so this will make sense