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5 reasons i writeby Jon Negroni

To some, writing is a chore. It’s a necessary hurdle to completing certain tasks, especially in school, and many people choose not to write as a result of their troubling experiences throughout their education.

Of course, to others like me and maybe you, writing is essential. Something we can’t go the day without doing. And here’s why:

5. I have a story to tell. 

Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Seems to me like not enough of us are telling our stories.

It’s been pointed out to me several times that I have a habit of inserting myself into my writing. The kick is that I do this purposefully.

You see, adding personality to my writing is a subtle way of telling my story and quelling the talkative nature within me that just wants to share everything to everyone at all times.

Inserting yourself piece by piece into your own publications is something all of the great writers do. It’s not putting yourself above what you are talking about, but it is instead adding credibility. You’re directly communicating your thoughts to the reader.

That’s all to say that writing is more than just you trying to please a reader. Oh, it is far more than that. Writing is about translating yourself and printing it worldwide.

4. I want to learn. 

A fun aspect of writing is proofreading. Every time I go over what I just wrote or even wrote a long time ago, I learn so much about myself in a many ways.

I learn about what I am deficient at for one thing, as I find myself improperly using commas or implementing the wrong word. More importantly, however, I learn more about myself personally, reminding myself of thoughts I once had.

Have you ever re-read something you were really proud of a few years ago? It blows my mind sometimes when I read articles on this blog from just a year ago, and it is always a refreshing experience.

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