3 Unsurprising Renewals & 1 That Throws (But Delights) Us

A&E’s Longmire Saddles Up for Second Season
by Kimberly Roots 

Sheriff Walt has a long, dusty, crime-solving road ahead of him, because A&E has renewed Longmire for a second season.

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TNT Realizes It’s Struck Black Gold, Renews Dallas for Season 2
by Vlada Gelman 

TNT has renewed Dallas, its oil-centric drama, for a second season. Thus far, the slick continuation — which stars original cast members Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman and Linda Gray, as well as Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe as their offspring — has been averaging 6.9 million viewers each week of its inaugural season.

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Rizzoli & Isles Rewarded With Season 4 Pickup
by Kimberly Roots

Boston bad guys, you’ve been warned: TNT’s lady cop/medical examiner duo Rizzoli & Isles will be back to solve more gruesome murders next year.

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We understand these pick-ups because the ratings on all three shows have been just what their networks wanted. (FWIW: We find RIZZOLI stultifyingly boring in spite of (because of?) its forced banter, our judgment’s still out on DALLAS because nobody here wants to review it, and to us LONGMIRE’s  just generally meh.)

But we loves this next, surprising pick-up. Because, you know, P-o-p-p-y M-o-n-t-g-o-m-e-r-y !!!:

‘Unforgettable’ Will Return To CBS With 13-Episode Order For Summer 2013
by Nellie Andreeva 

EXCLUSIVE: Unforgettable lives! CBS has picked up the procedural starring Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh, which was cancelled in May after one season, with a 13-episode order targeted for next summer…

The axing of Unforgettable was surprising and one of the closest calls this upfront season. In its first season, Unforgettable averaged 12.1 million viewers and a 2.5/7 among adults 18-49 and was the most-watched series on any network to get the hook.

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Speaking of big names, why do the writers at TVLine.Com have these amazingly fake-sounding names like “Kimberly Roots” and “Vlada Gelman,” while Deadline.Com, which is a sister site of TVLC, has that solid, earthy, authentic-sounding “Nellie Andreeva?”

Oh, wait…

One thought on “3 Unsurprising Renewals & 1 That Throws (But Delights) Us”

  1. At the risk of offending TeamTVWriter, I think UNFORGETTABLE has a lot more going for it than Poppy Montgomery and her American accent. (Did you know she’s Australian?)

    I like the show because it’s fast, polished, and professional. The writers succeed fully at what they take on, giving us – okay, me anyway – characters who seem real – and stories that work, all without breaking a sweat.

    RIZZOLI and ISLES annoys me because it tries too hard and fails too often. It’s like a puppy that wants to come when called but keeps getting distracted.

    And, so far, the new DALLAS and LONGMIRE demonstrate the same problem: They’re dull. Bloodless. They go through the motions, but no one – especially the writers – seems to care.

    Ya gotta care.

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