13 Tips for Aspiring Writers

We love it when we find a great new writing site. New to us, that is. Writerightwords.com is such a site. Here’s a sample of what we found there:


by Erin Feldman

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I had any tips for aspiring or new writers. Two things immediately came to mind: read a lot and work with a mentor. I then decided to work on a list because I knew two tips weren’t nearly enough.

  1. Read. Read a lot. Read genres with which you’re unfamiliar. Read authors you think you hate. Read authors you love. Develop, as Dean Young says, a critical sensibility. Ask people, especially other writers, you admire for a reading list.
  2. Write. Write a lot, too. Write for yourself first and others second. Write without stopping. Write without worrying about how good or bad a piece is. Let the work reach a conclusion before passing judgment.
  3. Find a mentor. Find someone who will criticize your work but will do so in a way that causes you to grow. Listen to your mentor. Let that person or people guide you. They often see what you can’t.
  4. Imitate. Forget about style and imitate for a while. Your style and voice will begin to emerge as you do the work.

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