Women Producers of the World, Unite!

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A Wake-Up Call for Women Producers

By Barbara Sutton Masry

March may be Women’s History Month, but we should be working actively all year to have more women’s work on film and on stages. We cannot accept the lowly statistics without activism. It’s not that women aren’t writing enough or aren’t trying to get produced. There are a lot of closed doors. Rather than belabor why, we need to cultivate more women producers.

Let’s review what we’ve been taught as young girls that may not have been the best advice. I’m willing to use myself as a guinea pig.

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NOTE: If you think it was easy finding a “women networking” pic on the interwebs, you don’t know the interwebs. Which makes Ms. Masry’s point at least as well as she does.

ANOTHER NOTE: “Network like crazy,” and “Be a mentor and a mentee” work for everyone, even – gasp – men.

One thought on “Women Producers of the World, Unite!”

  1. I might be a bit slow, then again, I’ve been around a long time, but what is, “Women’s work on films and on stages…” That, according to Barbara Sutton Masry, “…there should be more of: WRITERS, ACTORS, DIRECTORS, PRODUCERS…? Is this to say that for every movie written by a man, there has to be one by a woman, for every part directed by a man, there must be one by a woman, for every part acted…? I personally see nothing wrong with this, but then again you could say the same thing about artists, composers, rock stars, poets, playwrights, or even mud-wrestlers. By the way, there are womem mud-wrestlers…but not a whole lot. gs

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